Vehica has 2 types of Monetization systems

1. Build in (PayPal & Stripe)

2. WooCommerce Payment Gateways


You can turn one of the systems here:



1. Build-in (PayPal & Stripe)

The big benefit of this integration is that it is ultra-fast and easy to use

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2. WooCommerce Payment Gateways

The big benefit of this integration it allows integrating many different online payments system e.g.



3. Free Listings

Both systems offers the option to give your user Free Listings. It can be an important part of your marketing. You can find it in the Vehica Panel > Monetization


3.1. “Add for free” option

You can create a “free package” that can be used multiple times by each user


If you configure it the way above, each new listing will be visible on your website for 30 days and it will be featured 3 days.


3.2. “Free Package” option for new registered users

New user will get this package for free after registration. Example below shows that user can add 3 listings for free. Listings will be 7 days on the website and will be not featured.


4. Payment Packages

You can edit or add new packages when you scroll down:


5. Build in (PayPal & Stripe) configuration

To configure it firstly select your currency e.g. USD



Please generate API keys to both or one of online payments system:

Get PayPal Stripe keys here

Get PayPal API keys here


Now you just need to select “Enable Stripe” / “Enable PayPal” and add your keys to panel



If you use PayPal in the “sandbox” mode (testing environment), please select this checkbox



That’s all, your website is fully ready to receive payments.


6. WooCommerce Payment Gateways

5.1. Install WooCommerce Plugin


5.2. Install any Payment Geteway and configure it

Please consider some of the payment getaways may be free or paid. It is also always worth to search Google – “Your Payment Gateway Name + WooCommerce Geteway Name e.g. woocommerce payment gateways because online payments system often has more than 1 addon. You can find payment geteways in many places e.g.: