This code PHP displayed other price filed on card-big on your website.



Important: Make changes on the child theme – after update the theme, you don’t lose it, and before starting always do a backup of your website.


   </br> <span style="font-size: 12px ; color: orange; ">


$priceField = vehicaApp('price_fields')->find(function($priceField) {

   return $priceField->getId() === 18091;


if ($priceField instanceof \Vehica\Model\Post\Field\Price\PriceField) {

    echo $priceField->getFormattedValueByCurrency($vehicaCurrentCar);


?> </span>


We show you how to change the big card on your page.


How to use a child theme?

How to use Child Theme? How to change files (php / css / js) and keep theme future update compatibility?


Open file card_big_v1.php and copy to your child’s theme. You find this file in



Search for this line:


   <?php echo esc_html($vehicaPrice); ?>


After this paste our code and change the ID of your price filed.


Id you can find here:

Wp-Admin > Vehica Panel > Custom Fileds > Choose your second price filed and hit edit:




Change your ID and save the file.


That’s all for this card – if you want to modify another cards do the same on other files.