Vehica is ultra fast theme and you can make it even faster thanks to cache configuration. On good quality shared servers it is possible to load your website in less than 2 seconds when visitor see website first time. Second refresh can be even much faster, often below 0.5s.


To configure cache we recommend W3 Total Cache plugin. Is has free version and more than 1 milion active installations. This article shows sample configuration that will improve speed of your website.


1. Install and activate W3Total Cache ( )



2. Just after plugin installation some options should be already enabled so you will automatically get speed improvement e.g. in the General Settings you will find


A. Page Cache – Enable

B. Minify – Enable

C. Database Cache – Enable

D. Browser Cache – Enable


3. Visit Performance > Page Cache > Never cache the following pages and configure to not cache your panel and register pages e.g. if you use demo content and did not renamed pages it should be excluded this way:







This 2 lines will disable cache on: – and all panel subpages


Please make sure you added * at the end of /panel*


4. Browser Cache

Check this one extra box



5. Its done. Your website will works faster now. You can check how fast is your website e.g. via Chrome Page Load Timer



We do not recommend to enable more options especially related to Minify Non-Blocking / defer / async – because it can create unexpected bugs e.g. problems with dynamic search forms results


If you have any problems related to cache configuration  – please contact our developers and we will help you – Submit a ticket