Below you will find a list of changes to Vehica Theme. 

1.0.90 - 9. March 2024

Added: Option to filter listings table on wp-admin (configurable in Vehica Panel / Basic Setup / Listings General / Admin Table Filters)
Added: ListingGrid widget - sorting by ID defined in another field
Fixed: Error with Disable Favorite
Fixed: Stripe and WooCommerce payment mechanism issue
Fixed: Correct value rounding during searches

1.0.89 - 21. February 2024

Fix: WooCommerce Coupons stopped working
Twitter icon changed to X on the frontend
Minor PHP, JS issues

1.0.88 - 2. January 2024

Added: New fields to WP All Import: vehica_featured, vehica_phone_clicks, vehica_favorite_number
Improved: Compatibility with the latest versions of PHP
Fixed: Addressed the checkout styling issue. Note: If the 'back' function is not working with the current checkout, users need to delete it and create a new one using the 'Create Default Pages' button after updating

1.0.87 - 20. November 2023

Improved: Enhanced security in the front-end panel

1.0.86 - 7. November 2023

Improved: The embed field now supports MP4 URLs
Improved: User name validation for Cyrillic input
Improved: In the Compare feature, rows can be hidden if all listings have empty values
Fixed: In the Featured Listings Widget, the label remained visible after switching tabs, even when set to be hidden

1.0.85 - 25. October 2023

Improved: TikTok and Telegram icons in Featured Listings widget
Improved: Zoom in/out functionality on the map
Improved: Visibility of 'min' values in search form on mobile version
Fixed: Status change in payment gateway

1.0.84 - 29. September 2023

Fixed: Spacing issues in widgets, both horizontally and vertically, after importing demo. This was due to a recent Elementor update. To manually fix the problem, go to Elementor Site Settings > Layout Settings and set "Widget Space" to 0 for both columns and rows.

1.0.83 - 22. September 2023

Fix: Updated WooCommerce templates to eliminate admin dashboard warning.
Fix: On some phones, editing a listing via the front-end panel presented an issue. Not removing focus from the "Listing Description" textarea before clicking "save listing" could result in the description not saving correctly.

1.0.82 - 12. September 2023

Added: Telegram/Tiktok link to user profile
Fixed: Updated compatibility with latest Elementor Plugin due to widget registration changes

1.0.81 - 9. August 2023

Fix: Problem with importing SVG (icons) on some hosting providers"

1.0.80 - 8. August 2023

Added: Social Profile > TikTok
Added: Menu "Add Listing" button - set custom text
Fixed: Minor js, php bugs

1.0.79 - 16. May 2023

Fix: WP All Import problem with update
Fix: Users Carousel widget for small teams

1.0.78 - 23. March 2023

Fix: Search - Selecting Parent field (e.g. Make) and clicking the "search" button could redirect to the Inventory page that has a blocked child field  (e.g. make). The dropdown with makes was not displayed in some scenarios.
Fix: Some minor problems with translating Stripe notifications related to entering incomplete credit card information
Fix: Menu Logo link was not working correctly if the WordPress directory is different than main domain

1.0.77 - 1. February 2023 

Fixed warning o google api callback
Fixed info o deprecated google.maps.event.addDomListener

1.0.75 - 28. November 2022 

Fix: Minor css/js/php bugs

1.0.74 - 14. September 2022 

Loan Calculator - fix the bug with the duplicate widget on the listing site 
Carousel User - fix bug with visibility of the last user in the widget 

1.0.73 - 18. August 2022 

Improved: Vehicle Tab Carousel / Featured Listings got new option to display sold listings 
Fix: minor js/php bugs

1.0.72 - 11. August 2022 

Elementor: deprecated _register_controls function fix

1.0.71 - 5. July 2022

Fix: fix issue with single listing gallery on mobile

1.0.70 - 13. May 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.69 - 5. May 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.68 - 1. April 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.67 - 18. March 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.66 - 17. February 2022

New Help Center Integrated into Vehica Panel

1.0.65 - 27. January 2022

WordPress 5.9 Compatibility

1.0.64 and - 21. January 2022

Improved: Parent / Child relationship  (e.g. Make > Model) - improve loading speed. 
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.63 - 15. January 2022

Fix: Custom Post Type Car Support For WordPress Rest API 
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.62 - 3. January 2022

Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.61 - 21. December 2021

Fix: Minor js/php bugs - 06. October 2021

Fix: In some edge cases listing was added 2 times

1.0.60 - 24 September 2021

Improved: Image Cleanup Function
Fix: If there were multiple "gallery fields" in Custom Fields there was a problem with chosing the one that should be displayed on the listing card
Fix: Vehicle Grid - edge case problem with saving widget

1.0.59 - 14 August 2021

Added: Compare Widget - "Hide When All Empty" option
Fix: Taxonomy - terms with multiple parents not saving correctly
Fix: Minor issue related to 'Latin fonts loading
Fix: Minor issue related to - Message System Time Zone

1.0.58 - 10 June 2021

Fix: Chat - Timezone problem on some servers
Fix: 2 Warnings displayed when debug mode turned on

1.0.57 - 1 June 2021

Fix: Firefox Vehica Panel > Bulk Add 
Fix: Safari > Compare Columns 
Added: Listing Price > Force hiding "Contact for a Price" option 
Added: New PHP filters available - social login/register redirection to custom page

1.0.56 - 1 May 2021

Fix: Menu mobile breakpoints broken

1.0.55 - 30 April 2021

Fix: Minnor js/php/css bugs

1.0.54 - 26 April 2021

Added:  "Chat via WhatsApp" module  -
Fix: Minnor js/php/css bugs

1.0.53 - 16 April 2021

Added: Private Message System Option
Added: Elementor > New Widget Listing Page > Listing Owner Description
Fix: Minnor js / PHP bugs

1.0.52 - 9 April 2021

Added: Vehica Panel > Custom Fields > Type: Attachments
Added: New Elementor Widget > Single Listing Page > Attachments
Added: Posibility to redirect users after successful login to custom page

1.0.51 - 8 April 2021

Added: Car Dealer Homepage
Added: Vehica Panel > Custom Fields > Taxonomy > Single Value Taxonomy - "Allow users to add new values via the front-end panel" option
Added: New Elementor Widget - Slider
Added: New Elementor Widget - Services
Added: New Elementor Widget - Testimonials Carousel
Added: New Elementor Widget - Features
Added: New Card Type V4 (white with black labels)
Added: Author Name Widget - New Styling Controls
Added: Admin change listing pending to active via backend integrated with payments
Fix: Set password option
Fix: Minor js / PHP / css issues

1.0.50 - 17 March 2021

Added: Vehica Panel > User Panel > Require Description option
Added: /wp-admin/ > Users > Edit User - Email confirmed (allows to confirm user email directly by admin)
Fix: Stipe payments - edge-case problems
Fix: "Connect parent/field"
Fix: Minor js / php / bugs

1.0.49 - 3 March 2021

Fix: Minor js / php / bugs

1.0.48 - 26 February 2021

Added: Custom Field (taxonomy) can have 2 or more parent fields
Added: Embed Field - "Allow Raw HTML" option to embed any type of iframe

1.0.47 - 18 February 2021

Fix: Minor js / php / bugs

1.0.46 - 17 February 2021

Fix: Map Search - first map loading on mobile devices 
Fix: Map Search - map position when 0 results

1.0.45 - 16 February 2021

Added: Elementor > Inventory Map Widget -

1.0.44 - 15 February 2021

Added: Elementor > Single Listing Widget > Number Field Value
Improved: It is possible to create custom widgets via functions.php -
Fix: Yoast Integration - Site Map - counting images

1.0.43 - 12 February 2021

Fix: My Location Popup
Fix: Price Fields - "Select: From / To" design
Fix: Mobile - dragging windows bug

1.0.42 - 10 February 2021

Added: Multiple Search Restult Pages - add "Search Listing" widget on any page
Added: Vehica Panel > Basic Setup > Pretty search result links e.g.
Added: Loan Calculator Widget - it is possible to automatically fill Down Payment e.g. 10% of Listing Price
Added: Loan Calculator Widget - it is possible to automatically change the interest rate when the user changes the number of months
Fix: Minor js / php bugs

1.0.41 - 4 February 2021

Added: Single Listing Template > New Widget "Add to Compare" 
Added: Listing Card > Multine features option
Added: Listing Grid > Limit to Specific User
Improved: Front-end Panel > Tiny MC Editor
Fix: Minor js / php issues

1.0.40 - 3 February 2020

Added: Vehica Panel > Compare Module - 3 options: Always ON, OFF, Search Page Only - User selectable ON/OFF
Added: Front-end Panel > Description > WYSIWYG Editor (Bold, align, headings and more)
Added: Loan Calculator on the Single Listing Page - price is automatically filled
Improved: Search Blog - Clickable search icon

1.0.39 - 30 January 2020

Added: Elementor Search Widgets - Taxonomy Field - Create custom order of options on dropdowns
Added: User Role Modes [1 or 2 user roles]

1.0.38 - 26 January 2020

Added: Vehica Panel > "Remove listing images files when listing is deleted" option
Added: Vehica Panel > Basic Setup > Allow to assign different templates to specific types of listings
Added: Elementor Search Forms / Inventory - Automatically ask for current user location
Added: Elementor Widget > Single Listing > Loan Calculator Link (link with price)
Added: Elementor Widget > Single Listing > Phone Number (number visible without "Reveal" button)
Added: Vehica Panel > Advanced > Clean up the images (e.g. images uploaded to listings, but user did not clicked "submit" button)
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.37 - 19 January 2020

Added: Add to compare module 
Fix: Minor js / php / css problems

1.0.36 - 11 January 2020

Added: Submit Listing Page - I accept Privacy Policy Option
Added: Single Listing Page - Published Date Widget
Added: Single Listing Page - Views Widget
Added: Vehica Panel > Advanced > Menu CTA Button Link

1.0.35 - 01 January 2020

Added: Demo Content: New Homepage - Location
Added: Demo Content: Listing Location Map on the single listing page
Added: Renamed "Car" and "Vehicle" text strings to "Listing" across engine
Added: Vehica Panel > Custom Fields > Field Visibility - you can select who will see the field on the single listing page
Improved: New Location Field Styling

1.0.34 - 29 December 2020

Changed / Improved: Number fields can display 0 value. If you do not need to display 0 please remove 0 from the listing field (leave field empty)
Added: Vehica Panel > Connect Terms (Parent/Child)
Improved: Location field do not displayed if Google API Key is not set
Fix: PayPal / Stripe integration
Fix: Date Field Translation (e.g. December)

1.0.33 - 22 December 2020

Added: Vehica Panel > Advanced > Exclude From Search Results (You can use it e.g. to not display "Sold" listings in the inventory)
Improved: "Mobile Menu" design when User Icon turned off
Improved: "Our Team Carousel" design when 1,2,3 users only

1.0.32 - 19 December 2020

Added: Elementor > Related Cars Carousel Widget 
Added: Elementor Search Fields > Location Field > Display "My Location" button
Added: Elementor Search Fields > Location Field > Display Radius Control
Added: Elementor Search Fields > Taxonomy > Searchable (typing)
Added: Elementor Search Fields > Taxonomy > New Control: Select Multiple
Added: Vehica Advanced > Cookie Notice for GDPR & CCPA plugin integration
Fix: Minor php / js fixes

1.0.31 - 11 December 2020

Added: Duplicate Vehicle Option /wp-admin/ > Vehicles > Hover row and you will see "Duplicate" option
Improved: Blog Posts - narrow to category
Fix: Change order of options "Main Field"
Fix: Price Required

1.0.30 - 9 December 2020

WordPress 5.6 Compatibility

1.0.29 - 8 December 2020

Added: Login / Register via Google account
Added: Login / Register via Facebook account
Improved: Loan Calculator - no "calculate" button and better validation
Improved: "Submit Vehicle" - "Submit" Button disabled when files uploading (e.g. images)
Improved: Light version of Primary Color created automatically
Fix: Inventory - Main Field (e.g. New / Used) - saving order of options
Fix: Quick saving of listing just after opening it could reset gallery because it was not loaded yet
Fix: Minor js / php bugs

1.0.28 - 3 December 2020

CHANGED: Google Maps Snazzy Map - now you just add your code once in the Vehica Panel > Google Maps
Added: Search Form Field - Location (Search via Google Maps addresses)
Added: Vehica Panel > Custom Field > Location > Search Types (e.g. regions / cities)
Added: Vehica Panel > Custom Field > Location > Country Restriction
Added: Vehica Panel > Google Maps > Language
Improved: Bulk Add Term when multiple child terms has same name

1.0.27 - 28 November 2020

Added: Inventory > Search Form > Date Fields
Added: Vehica Panel > Basic Setup > User Location - Google Maps
Improved: If "Auto-Generate Listing Title" turned on, automatically hide "Listing Title" on "Submit Vehicle" page

1.0.26 - 27 November 2020

Added: Submit Vehicle / Edit Vehicle - Admin has "Featured Checkbox"
Added: Card Label Terms - "Display as a label"
Added: Card Label Terms - "Label Text Color"
Added: Card Label Terms -  "Label Background Color"
Improved: Custom Fields - Allow to change "Price Field" order
Improved: Elementor > Editing "Desktop" View on laptops with small viewport
Improved: Better Cache Clearing after Updating Vehica for users who back to website
Improved: WP All Import - images import for servers with "maximum execution time"
Fix: Field Dependency and Price Field freez submit vehicle form

1.0.25 - 25 November 2020

Added: Vehica Panel > Custom Fields > Taxonomy > Change order of options on submit vehicle page
Added: Elementor - Blog Cards > Display/Hide: Author / Date / Description / Button options
Added: Submit Vehicle - Highlighting active option when typing ( + keyboard arrows control)
Added: Submit Vehicle - Data Field - Clearing Value via X
Improved: Submit Vehicle - Number / Price Field - decimal places

1.0.24 - 24 November 2020

Added: Invneotry > Sort by: "Custom Name" for each option
Added: Vehica Panel > Notifications > Sender Name
Added: Vehica Panel > Notifications > Sender Email
Added: Front-end Panel > Select: Search via keyboard
Added: Number of Visible Terms for "Multiple choice" Taxonomy Field before "Load More"
Fix: Front-end Panel > Number Field - if a number has a decimal point

1.0.23 - 23 November 2020

Added: Inventory > Sort by: Number field (e.g. Mileage / Year)
Added: Vehica Panel > Advanced > Bulk Add Terms
Added: Vehica Panel > Advanced > Bulk Add Terms - parent / child relation
Added: Vehica Panel > Basic Setup > Other > Auto-Generate Title ( e.g. Make + Model + Year)
Added: Vehica Panel > Custom Fields > Map Type (Roadmap / Satellite / Hybrid / Terrain)
Added: Vehica Panel > Custom Fields > Custom Placeholders 
Added: Elementor Widgets > Featured Listings - Randomize option
Added: Submit Vehicle > Date Field > Time (hours)
Added: Submit Vehicle > Date Field > Time (hours) - Range
Added: Submit Vehicle > Date Field > Date (day/month/year)
Added: Submit Vehicle > Date Field > Date (day/month/year) - Range
Added: Submit Vehicle > Date Field > Date + Time
Added: Submit Vehicle > Date Field > Date + Time - Range
Added: Help Center Links across Vehica Panel
Fix: "&" not saving correctly in the terms names
Fix: "Related Posts" Image placeholder when no featured image
Fix: Fallback for vehicle cards if image very small (e.g. 200x200px)

1.0.22 - 16 November 2020

Added: WooCommerce - direct transfer option
Added: WooCommerce - manual activation of order

1.0.21 - 14 November 2020

Added: Vehica Panel > Basic Setup > Google reCAPTCHA v3 (Invisible reCAPTCHA)
Added: Vehica Panel > Monetization > "Free Package" option for new registered users
Fix: User Panel > Submit Vehicle > Parent field option "multiple choice"

1.0.20 - 13 November 2020

Added: Vehica Panel > Phone Number: required / optional / disabled
Added: Vehica Panel > Allow users to hide phone number 
Added: Vehica Panel > Panel Card - Fields
Added: Price Format 100'000'000
Fix: Translation & Rename > ' sign did not save correctly

1.0.19 - 12 November 2020

Added: Compatibility with Free WP All Import Plugin (Free XML / CSV import)
Improved: Property Card without image
Improved: Admin Front-end Panel - Preview links for Pending and Draft

1.0.18 - 10 November 2020

Added: Display "User Social Icons" option on the "User Cards"
Added: Vehica Panel Option - "The approved listing must be re-approved when the user edits it"
Added: Single Listing Map - custom design option
Added: Loan Calculator - default values in the widget settings
Added: Search V2 - "Main Field" styling options
Improved: "Featured Grid" when 1-4 listings only
Improved: User Social Icons (profile page) - styling options
Improved: Backend Filed that has Parent - Table
Fix: Field Dependency
Fix: Front-end Panel > List of Cars on mobile

1.0.17 - 08 November 2020

Improved: Pagination when many pages

1.0.16 - 07 November 2020

Added: Elementor Widget "Main Menu" - new controls to style sticky menu
Added: Elementor Widget "Vehicle Grid" - new option: "Row" (v3)
Added: Elementor Widget "Vehicle Grid": -new option: Sort by Price
Added: Vehica Panel > Vehicle Cards > Card Row > Location Field - options to display "user profile" or "listing location field (Google Map)"
Fix: Multiple Location Fields (Google Maps) assigned to 1 listing
Fix: Cards on mobile css issues

1.0.15 - 06 November 2020

Added: Field Type: Location (Google Maps)
Added: Single Vehicle Page Widget - "Vehicle Location"
Fix: Single Vehicle Carousel (v3) - better design if 1 or 2 photos only
Fix: Footer Menu - better design if link is 2 lines
Fix: Main Menu Logo width wrongly calculated edge case
Fix: Inventory > Select Popup Checkbox compatibility problem with Elementor PRO

1.0.14 - 05 November 2020

Added: Basic Setup > "Contact for a price" option to display this text on cards 
Fix: Notifications - you can use quotation mark (") inside title and body text without breaking email 
Fix: "Set New Password" Design 
Fix: Inventory > Row Card height bug
Fix: Design looks broken when all menus (Apperance > Menus) are removed

1.0.13 - 03 November 2020

Added: Vehica Panel > Email Notifications > Confirmation Email
Added: Vehica Panel > Email Notifications > Welcome Message
Added: Vehica Panel > Email Notifications > Reset Password
Added: Vehica Panel > Email Notifications > Listing Approved
Added: Vehica Panel > Email Notifications > Listing Declined
Added: Vehica Panel > Email Notifications > Listing Pending
Added: Vehica Panel > Email Notifications > Admin: New Listing Pending
Added: Vehica Panel > Basic Setup > Display CTA Button
Added: Vehica Panel > Basic Setup > Display User Menu for logged in users and "Login / Register" links for not logged in
Added: Elementor "Main Menu" Widget - 10+ new options to configure "Submit Vehicle" Button style
Improved: Inventory White Card - keep same height in the row
Improved: Vehica Panel UX -  new grouping of some options to make it easier to configure
Fix: "Free Listing" with "Featured days" - not working correctly

1.0.12 - 02 November 2020

Added: "WooCommerce Payment Gateways" option. Users can buy packages via WooCommerce Checkout if "WooCommerce" Plugin installed and option "Vehica Panel > Frontend Panel > Monetization system type > "WooCommerce Payment Gateways" selected.
Added: Vehica Panel > Basic Setup > Cards Label > Custom field on the card label instead "Featured"
Added: Elementor "Main Menu" Widget - Logo Height option
Added: Loan Calculator - "disabled" option
Added: Hide Labels on all Widgets
Improved: "Loader" on the buttons inside Frontend Panel (e.g. "set password")
Improved: Frontend Panel - Login via Username not only email
Fix: Vehica Updater

1.0.11 - 28 October 2020

Improved: Vehicle Page - "Owner Image" - New Elementor Controls
Improved: User Page - "User Image" - New Elementor Controls
Improved: Demo Content - Sample Vehicles Photos
Improved: Login/Register Page - Alert if admin try to use Login/Register Form
Fix: If "Demo Importer Hidden" option selected, it was not possible to login to /wp-admin/ because of redirection

1.0.10 - 27 October 2020

Added: Resend Confirmation Email Page
Added: Custom text for "I accept the privacy policy" inside Login/Register Widget
Improved: Single Vehicle "Owner Name" - New Elementor Controls (Color, Color Hover, Typography, Align)
Improved: Single Vehicle "Display Address" - New Elementor Controls (Color, Typography, Icon Color, Hide Icon, Icon Offset)
Improved: Single Vehicle "Vehicle Owner Type" - New Elementor Controls (Color, Typography, Align)
Improved: Breadcrumbs - New Elementor Controls (Typograpgy, Color, Color Hover, Color Last Element)
Improved: Slugs cannot be delated in the "Translate & Rename" panel
Fix: "Confirmation Link" - not working correctly
Fix: Inventory "Row Card" - small images not visible on the card

1.0.9 - 26 October 2020

Added: Submit Vehicle Page - You can hide fields based on selected values from different controls (taxonomy type). For example you can display different fields for trucks and motors
Added: Submit Vehicle Page - "X" to clear Taxonomy Single Dropdown
Added: Submit Vehicle Page - Child Field (e.g. Model) disabled on the Submit Vehicle Page until Parent Field (e.g. Make) not selected
Added: New Elementor Widget - Currency Switcher
Added: Animation on "Login" / "Register" Button - when login "in progress"
Added: Possibility to create custom term order on the Submit Vehicle Page via hook

1.0.8 - 25 October 2020

Improved: Field Dependency on Search Form - You can hide search form controls based on selected values from different controls (taxonomy type). For example you can display different controls for fuel type electric and different for fuel type diesel/petrol when searching vehilce
Improved: Demo Importer: You can import demo content even if your hosting has "allow_url_fopen" turned off.

1.0.7 - 24 October 2020

Added: Main Menu Elementor Widget - 25 new style controls to change menu colors and typography
Added: Inventory - Number Field (select) - X for active filter
Improved: Vehica Updater Plugin - redesigned and more information added
Changed: Inventory "Reloading Results" animation "spinning wheel" changed to "dots"
Changed: "Car" Icons changed to "List" Icons across the design (e.g. dashboard) to make theme more suitable for customers who use it for other types of business
Fix: Inventory - Card Row - Image not visible on mobile
Fix: Single Vehicle Mosaic - responsive problem

1.0.6 - 23 October 2020

Improved: Vehica Updater 1.0.2 - better notice system
Added: Accept / Decline buttons for administrator when editing "Pending listing"
Added: Google Fonts List Updated
Fix: small php issues related to Car Fields table and Elementor editor

1.0.5 - 22 October 2020

Added: New Homepage - Video
Added: New Elementor Widget: Vehicle Grid (use to display vehicles anywhere on your website)
Improved: Vehicle Search Form v2 - New Elementor Controls (Width, Background, Padding, Border Radius, Shadow)
Improved: Single Vehicle Features - New Elementor Controls (Dot Size, Dot Color)
Improved: Single Vehicle Add to Favorite - New Elementor Controls (Color, Typography, Icon Size)
Improved: Single Vehicle Big Features - New Elementor Controls (Background, Border Color, Padding, Display "check icon")
Improved: Featured Vehicles - New Elementor Control (Show "View all button")
Improved: Featured Vehicles Carousel - New Elementor Control (Show "View all button")
Improved: Single Vehicle Description - New Elementor Controls (Color, Typography, "Show more" Color")
Improved: Users Carousel - New Elementor Controls (Card Background, Card Padding, Card Separator Color, Display Phone Icon, Display Email Icon, User Name Typography, User Name Color, Position Typography, Position Color, Phone Typography, Phone Color)

1.0.4 - 21 October 2020

Added: New Widget - Blog Posts for all types of pages
Added: Classic Card - Thumbnail Size Option
Added: Row Card - Thumbnail Size Option
Improved: Card without "features" spacing
Improved: Dashboard menu position when "Submit Vehicle" button off
Fix: "More Filters \/" Button - will be hidden if there are no more filters to display

1.0.3 - 20 October 2020

Added: User Profile - Description Textarea
Added: User Description Elementor Widget For User Page
Added: 2 Column Blog
Improved: Refresh Browser When User Change Avatar / Name

1.0.2 - 19 October 2020

Added: "Hide Gallery Count" on the vehicle card option
Added: Disable "Favorite" option
Added: "Hide Gallery Count" on the vehicle card option
Added: Vehica Updater Plugin - you can update theme via "Update" button
Improved: Row Card Loading
Improved: User Panel
Improve: Hero Image Size (faster loading and same quality)
Improved: Single Vehicle Page Thumbnails Size
Fix: Price Decimal

1.0.1- 17 October 2020

Improved: Inventory Pagination

1.0.1- 15 October 2020

Initial Release