How to translate Vehica theme?
1. You can translate almost all texts here: 2. You can translate all custom fields here: 3. You can translate all options e.g. Sedan / Coupe this way: 4. You can translate / change units of measurement e.g. km / miles in the field settings: 5. All other elements are part of Elementor Pages e.g. Home...
Tue, 15 Feb, 2022 at 11:12 AM
How to rename field names e.g. Make / Model / Price on search form
This article explains how to translate fields (e.g. make) and their options (e.g. new, BMW, coupe) e.g. You can rename fields in the Vehica Panel > Custom Fields by clicking pencil icon this way: Change name and click save   If you wish to translate options (terms) e.g. You will find option when you...
Tue, 15 Feb, 2022 at 11:13 AM